• Hello and Welcome!

    My name is William Fox and I have been creating on the web since the late 90’s! I am proud to use the latest standards in web design and comply with the strict guidelines which are set out by the W3C. Coding this way has many advantages including accessibility, adherence, consistency and search engine friendly code. Because of this, all of my websites rank highly in the major search engines with very little effort in “optimising”.

    Since 2009 I have been employed by a small start-up company which provide an online solution within the education sector.

    From the beginning there has been rapid growth and I am now one quarter of our development team. I specialise in (and love) everything front end – from ensuring all mark-up is correct, valid and cross browser compliant to designing and creating pixel perfect designs and user interface.

    In addition to my front end skills using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Illustrator & Fireworks, I also have experience with C#, MVC, Razor, MSSQL and I’m also a certified Agile Project Management Practitioner.

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  • My Contact Details

    I live in a small village called Northop Hall in North Wales. Located within 15 minutes of Chester and Wrexham and just 30 minutes from Liverpool. I have a full time day job so I'm not often available to speak on the phone throughout the day. If you drop me an email, I will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Other Ways to Reach Me

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    Google Analytics
    Like millions of other website owners, I use Google Analytics. So, what is Google Analytics? Well, Google Analytics is a piece of software that grabs data about my visitors (you). Ok, and what exactly can I see from my visitors' computer? What website you came from to get here, how long you stay for, what kind of computer you’re using, along with a few other things too. Ok, that's fine but what exactly do I do with all of this data? The tracking information allows me to better understand the kind of people who come to my site and what content they’re reading. This allows me to make better decisions about design and writing.

  • A little more about me.

    Ooops... ok, ok. I've not finished this page just yet but please do check back soon and you will be able to find out more.

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